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Imagine a world with the most powerful toolset possible for creators that’s accessible to everyone. A toolset that seamlessly leverages the best a platform can offer; from a powerful workstation to a touch-enabled tablet device, even the cloud. One that provides a seamless content-first, collaborative authoring experience for technical and artistic creators alike. One which scales with the journey from solo creator to creative powerhouse.

And all this enabled by underlying technology operating at the highest efficiency using every last bit of performance.

Imagine the impact content built with this toolset can have on the world, from the most photorealistic to the most creatively stylized, fiction or reality, virtual, augmented or mixed, the biggest to the smallest, everywhere. Content created by individuals, teams, people, of all types and from every walk of life.

A future that shows the world is truly a better place with more creators in it.


The Aesthetic Domains are the methods by which we design. They're the tools through which we create experiences, harnessing the look and feel of each element to build effective interfaces that not only help users achieve their goals but enjoy doing so.

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